LiveTrends Design Group
Proudly presents our Brand New

Summer 2021 Trade show

Our team at LiveTrends Design Group is excited to share with you our amazing, and completely redesigned trade show space. This experience was designed to help you curate the perfect product offering for you customers. It features our three brands -LiveTrends, Beyou, and Urban Jungle, as well as brand new 2021 products and collections!

Sneak Peak Video

3d Virtual Space

To protect our privacy and intellectual property, we ask that you don't share any of our links, products, or designs with anyone else.

Please direct interested parties to contact us for a private showing. Thank you.

At LiveTrends Design Group, we pride ourselves in being leaders in innovation and setting industry trends. Each year we look forward to industry trade shows like PMA, and TPIE to share with you what we have been doing, and where we are going. Despite a world pandemic, we thought this year shouldn't be any different. That is why our team built and 3d mapped an entire trade show in our creative barn so we could have the opportunity to share and connect with you.

This virtual trade show includes your favorite brands -LiveTrends, Beyou, and Urban Jungle, as well as a collection of all of our POP displays for seamless merchandising.

- Enjoy