meet our Team

Bisser Georgiev

Founder & CEO

Kendra Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

Hollie Nasr

Vice President of Products and Marketing

Carlos Reyes

Vice President of Sales

Chris Reich

Director of Operations

Don Sager

Production General Manager

Kerri Ann Hansell

Production Manager

Jessica Pearce

Director of Sales

David Cole

Sales Channel Coordinator

Jarod Nelson

Logistics Coordinator

Natalie Brooks

Account Manager

Terah Reid

Account Manager

Meredith Rhein

eCommerce Account Manager

Chris Vaughan

Account Manager

Sheena Benjamin

Sales Admin

Maira Roca

Office Manager

Alex Muspratt-Williams

New Product Development Art Director

Lenka Hustakova

New Product Development Consultant

Thomas Hierholzer

New Product Development Industrial Designer

Joel Hierholzer

New Product Development Industrial Designer

Manuela Arroyave

New Product Development Industrial Designer

Marieke Hoogerwerf

New Product Development eCommerce Designer

Ashley Atkinson

New Product Development Manager

Gabby Maltoni

New Product Development Coordinator

Christy Barnhill

Graphic Designer

Jose Lopez

Marketing Manager / Brand Designer / UI UX

Daphne Lopez

Graphic Designer

Lauren Alsina

Content Manager / Photographer / Copy Writer

Tiffany Carey

Senior Accountant

Phina Charlot

Accounting Clerk

Christian Schwarz

MRP Planning & IT Manager

BJ Ducusin

Data Analyst